The Future of Europe. The Reform of the Eurozone and the Deepening of Political Union

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As explained in its Introduction, this book was born out of a task requested of the book's Coordinators in 2013 by the President of the European Commission, which required them to conduct an enquiry with the Jean Monnet Professors on how to overcome the economic and social crisis that was affecting the European Union. To do this, the two Coordinators asked the Jean Monnet Professors to give their opinions on reform of the Eurozone and deepening of the Political Union. Based on the numerous and very good responses to this enquiry, the Coordinators applied for a Jean Monnet Project of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union with the aim of discussing those responses and exploring them further within the general framework of the debate on the Future of Europe. This book publishes the results of that Project.
An intense debate is currently ongoing regarding the Future of Europe, which involves the Union's institutions, the Member States and, in general terms, the European citizens and civil society. The contributions provided in this book by the Jean Monnet Professors are, therefore, particularly timely and will certainly be of significant use in that debate.

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Coordenação de Fausto de Quadros e Dusan Sidjanski
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Lisboa (2017)